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Women’s vagina is sensitive and frail, particularly after labor delivery or as aging. Mostly after natural birth giving, the vagina becomes loose, and the perineum may be lacerated or traumatized after episiotomy. Guangzhou Elizabeth employs advanced apparatus to repair the damaged vagina and tighten the vaginal muscles, so that women are able to enjoy normal and happy sex life again.


1. Regional anesthesia is recommended.

2. Remove 3-5cm mucosa folds from the vagina introitus and sew up the mucosa.

3. If the vagina is too loose, mattress-suture technique is exerted to sew up the levator ani under the vagina mucosa, which can greatly tighten the vagina muscle.

4. If the perineum is lacerated or traumatized after episiotomy, advanced apparatus is employed to repair the damaged muscle or tissues and recover its elasticity and smoothness. This treatment is helpful to cure the uroclepsia as well.


After the treatment:

1. Stay in bed for 12-24 hours in the hospital after the treatment for recovery.

2. Medical gauze is stuffed in the vagina for 24 hours to prevent bleeding or swollen situation.

3. Antibiotics will be used via IV bottle for 3-6 days after the treatment to prevent infection.

4. Wash the vagina with 1:5000 potassium hypermanganate every time after urination to keep the vagina dry and clean for 7-10 days.

5. Avoid fierce activity, riding bicycle or carrying heavy things for 1 month after the treatment.

6. Do not take aspirin or any antiphlogistic medicine after the treatment.

7. No smoking.

8. Medical stitches will be removed 1 week after the treatment.

9. No sex intercourse for 2 months after the treatment.



1. Customized Plan: Personal treatment plan is made according to the vagina’s situation and the client’s favorite.

2. Painless treatment: Use safe anesthesia managing system throughout the treatment.

3. Multiple benefits: uroclepsia, encopresis, constipation, sore back or backache can be abated after this treatment.

4. Sexual Satisfaction: Intensive pleasure can be acquired after fully recovery.

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