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Personalized Psychological Counseling in Elizabeth Hospital

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Personalized Psychological Counseling in Elizabeth Hospital
We provide a psychology support service to the women and families at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital. Our psychological counseling center aims at treating emotional disorder and psychological diseases during pregnancy and postpartum period. It is has already build a practical experienced expert team which leaded by Dr. Hati.Sema Malinova who is Oxford College A Level CBT therapist.
We Provide Omnidirectional Psychological Counseling
We offer omnidirectional psychological counseling, evaluation and treatment services for adults & children, couples & families, etc. There are music therapy rooms and hypnotherapy rooms where can help therapists to take the patients into a wonderful subconscious state by means of music and hypnosis. With the therapist support, patients can face their mental problems and heal these problems by their own potential power.
We Offer A Wide Range Of Psychological Counseling Services, Including:
  • Mood disorders;
  • Fertility problems;
  • Postpartum depression;
  • Women who experience abortion;
  • Providing counseling services for women who has difficult pregnancy or experienced traumatic labor, and for people who have some anxieties about being pregnant again or tokophobia;
  • Providing counseling services for women who have complicated pregnancies and have to cope with extra stress during pregnancy;
  • Follow up sessions for women and their partners, where there has been a traumatic birth.
The psychological counseling center of Elizabeth Women’s Hospital offers support and counseling for individuals and couples who want to talk about and understand more about their pregnancy, birth experiences and family related concerns.

We provide not only offline medical service but also Internet inquiry.

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