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Foreign Doctors In Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital

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Foreign Doctors In Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital
For an expat, living in a strange city is not an easy thing. You have no idea about what may lie ahead for you and your family when it comes to health care, you have no idea what to do when you feel sick, you even have no idea who you should ask for help when there is a language barrier. In a word, it’s hard to find an appropriate doctor to accommodate your medical services request.  
When going to the doctor in a local hospital in China, you may feel the general approach of the entire hospital is rather cold, factory-like and extremely impersonal; you typically will never see the same doctor twice across multiple visits. But in an international hospital you can expect to see the same face each time you visit. The doctor will build a knowledge and understanding of your medical history and keep records should you need to return.
Recent years have seen a number of doctors from abroad coming to practice in China. The rising demand for medical services has facilitated their arrival. Alongside providing advanced treatment for patients who can afford it, they hope, they can contribute with their knowledge and experience, in Chinese hospitals. Many of them can speak English, it makes sure you communicate with your doctor effectively.
International Medical Team---Foreign Doctors at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital
Our team is dedicated to providing customized services and producing the best outcomes for every patients. The members in our team have very different backgrounds and experiences, they are from other countries such as Italy, Togo, Bulgaria, Russia, and they have gained expertise in their respective fields.

Dr. Giulia Santi
MD in Medicine and surgery at Università Statale di Milano Ospedale L.Sacco;
PHD in OB-GYN at IRCCS Ca’ Granda; 
Having received awarded qualification in Via della Commenda 10, 20100 Milan (Italy);
Professional partnership as freelancer, in outpatient, ward management and operating theatre jobs;
Laparoscopic treatment of benign and malignant pathology;
Laparoscopy for benign Gynecological and endometriosis pathology treatment; 
Hysteroscopy, Colposcopy, minor Gynecological surgery.
Specialized in medically assisted procreation;
Experienced in inpatient and outpatient OB-GYN treatment;
Laparoscopic preservative management of ovarian cysts;
Fertility preservation through cryoconservation of oocytes in oncological patients.
Dr. Lisa Xu
Graduated from Lanzhou University of Medicine, major in Clinical Medicine;
Then further study in the same major in the Southern Medical University;
Over 20 years Of Obstetrics and Gynecological experience in third –A hospitals;
10 years international medical center experience in Guangzhou;
Has published more than 20 articles in professional journals;
Participated many national conferences of family planning, Obstetric quality control and OB-GYN Eugenics.
Skilled in managing vaginitis, Cervicitis, PID, Ectopic Pregnancy, Ovarian Cancer, Endometriosis, Menstruation Dysfunction, peri-menopausal period syndrone;
Independently perform surgical removal of Uterine Fibroids, Hysterectomy, Ovariectomy, Laparoscopic managent of Ectopic Pregnancy and common surgery of the Cervix, Vagina and Vulva.
Skilled in managing colposcopy in cervical and vaginal trouble;
Specialized in painless obstetric surgery and delivery;
Skilled in communicating with patient from different cultures.
Dr. Djobo Clemence
Graduated from Togo Lome University Medical College in 1999 and was awarded bachelor’s degree of Peking University Health Science Center in 2005;
Obtained MD and PHD degrees in Sun Yat-sen University, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital respectively in 2005 and 2009;
Proficient in combining clinical case analysis and statistical data to analyze the results of 4D ultrasound (4D View);
Years of clinical practice, mastered diagnosis and treatment of Gynecological diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, endocrine diseases and infertility.
Preliminary treatment for common Gynecologic diseases independently;
Master clinical operational skills such as diagnosis process of infertility, gynecology ultrasound, especially 3D Doppler color ultrasound,cyst ouctvure, IUI, ET etc
Dr. Hati.Sema.Malinova
6 years academic mental health research background in Hacettepe University Hospitals Turkey;
Gynecology, Terminal Oncology, Neurosurgery Psychology support experience during her working period at Hacettepe University Hospitals;
5 years experience in Developmental Psychology practice in early childhood in Shanghai;
3 years experience as Director of International VIP department at Changsha Maria Maternity Hospital Hunan, China;
Currently working as Director of International Medical Center Psychology Department at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital ,China.
Bulgarian Cognitive-behavioral therapist;
Expert of Hypnotic. 

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