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March 8th Women’s Day---Promotion For Cervical & Breast Cancer Screening Tests

Date: Feb 26,2017   Read: 
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Promotion For Cervical & Breast Cancer Screening Tests

Including Doctor’s Consultation Fee.
Just Need 810RMB to Guard Your Health.

Promotion For Cervical And Breast Cancer On International Women's Day

As American Cancer Society recommends that women of certain age are suggested to do early detection of cervical and breast cancer. On March 8th, we are going to offer a promotion price of 810RMB for a female examination package. Doctor’s consultation fee is inclusive.

Here’s the detail of our package:


From Mar. 6th to Mar. 12th, those who come for medical checking can enjoy 50% discount. If you come during these time,there will also be a surprising gift waiting for you.
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