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When should I call the doctor about an Anterior placenta problem?

Date: Mar 30,2018   Read: 
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Contact your doctor if you experience the following symptoms, which could indicate a placenta problem: 
·severe back pain
· vaginal bleeding
· abdominal pain
· fast uterine contractions

If you have experienced a fall or other trauma to your stomach, such as a car accident, call your doctor. These injuries could potentially affect your placenta’s health and may require a doctor’s examination.
Getting regular prenatal care and managing any conditions that may arise throughout your pregnancy can help you deliver a healthy baby. Your doctor will continue to monitor the placement of your baby as well as the placenta throughout your pregnancy.

In most of the cases, an anterior placenta isn’t causing for concern. If you’re concerned about your anterior placenta, talk to your doctor, who can discuss any individual risks given your health history.

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