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First EmbodyBirth International Camp by Maha AL Musa

Date: Apr 07,2018   Read: 
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"Sincere invitation from Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital "
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                                  FREE ENTRY
(We will provide exercise cloth as a gift to 60 pregnant friends)

Join us to make your childbirth as life time experience. Maha Al Musa is with us to introduce a new way of gentle and smoother childbirth by awakening the instincts and inner energy of pregnant mothers to enjoy gentle childbirth. Gradually changing the childbirth experience in the name of love, care for women bringing them a natural feeling of childbirth.
Maha Al Musa

Activity time:
April 14, 2018 (Saturday) 14:30-17:30
The place of activity
Address: Multipurpose hall, 2nd floor Dongfeng Wende Guangchang (East Oriental Plaza), 52-98, Wendai North Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

Dongfeng Wende Guangchang Activity Area
300 groups of maternal family
Exercise area:  group of 60 members only
Observation area: 240 families members 
Warm reminder: 
1. 14-32 weeks pregnant mom can participate;
2. Pregnancy with placenta previa, hypertension, hyperglycemia, recent frequent abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and headache are not allowed to participate.
 The leading experts: The course of EmbodyBirth education by Maha AL Musa
 2. the first natural childbirth documentary in China -- feel the charm of gentle childbirth.
All the details of childbirth can be carried out according to their wishes, and the baby is successfully delivered through natural childbirth, which is the best childbirth state of EmbodyBirth. As the first independent reproductive education lecturer in China and a Hypnobirthing certified hypnotic childbirth tutor Maha Al Musa recorded all this with love, not only for the most precious gift to the baby that will be born but also as a disseminator of the intimate natural gestation method for all the mothers.
Midwife's program by Susan Wehrle:
3. Comfortable childbirth - enjoy the wonderful process of childbirth
The choice of delivery mode is varied, and the comfortable delivery mode plays a decisive role in the determination of spontaneous labor and relieving the fear of labor. The scene will set up comfortable childbirth experience areas such as water delivery, painless childbirth, guide company delivery, free posture delivery, awareness childbirth and so on. It is advocated to comply with the natural delivery mode and mobilize the most suitable delivery mode of the pregnant mother. Enjoy natural childbirth, and make childbirth a wonderful experience.
Prize-winning policy:
1. Site scheduled delivery packages by lucky draw: 8000 yuan childbirth vouchers
2. The spot scheduled delivery packages gift packets, 100% winning opportunities.
(red wall gifts including AVENT sterilized baby milk bottle, multifunctional stroller, AVENT electric pump and other luxury gifts)
3. On-site booking discount, four-dimensional (4D) color Doppler ultrasound test, plus bone density check-up during pregnancy.
Time content remarks:
14:30  check-in, entrance, playback
14:45  exciting game, WeChat shake (three rounds).
15:55  Midwife program Susan Wehrle
16:10-17:00 Embodybirth Dance: Awakening the female childbirth instinct by Maha Al Musa interactive course
Sincere invitation, free of cost,
Excercise clothes during activity as a gift to those 60 pregnant friends present in the exercise area. 


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