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What is LEEP, how does it work?

Date: Apr 27,2018   Read: 
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LEEP is a type of treatment that prevents cervical cancer. LEEP removes abnormal cells from the cervix, and it’s effective and safe. LEEP surgery may be performed after abnormal cells are found during a Pap Test, colposcopy, or biopsy. LEEP stands for Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure. A small electrical wire loop is used to remove abnormal cells from the cervix.
How does LEEP work?
After confirmation of cervical cancer, doctor can apply numbing medicine to it. By using small tool with an electrical wire loop to remove the abnormal cells. Blood vessels in the area will be sealed to prevent bleeding. They might also use a Monsel’s Solution a special paste to prevent bleeding. The cells are sent to a lab to be tested.
How effective is LEEP?
LEEP removes all abnormal cervical cells most of the time. If LEEP doesn't remove all of the abnormal cells, you may have to have LEEP again, or your doctor or nurse may recommend more tests or a different treatment.
Does LEEP hurt?
Generally, patient will not feel cutting or heat from the loop. Because numbing medicines are used, a lot of people don’t feel anything at all.You may feel mild discomfort or cramping during LEEP. 

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