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Pregnant Mom’s Love Experience Challenge Camp 2018

Date: May 16,2018   Read: 
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The enthusiasm of pregnant mothers to participate in activities is getting higher as hotness increasing this summer. Recently, Many pregnant women are looking forward to a big event in Guangzhou. If you are thinking of fun in presence of your husband during one of the best time of your life, this activity is absolutely for you. 
Love Experience Challenge Camp is the special activity of the early summer, organized by our hospital. Purpose of this activity is to bring a smile on pregnant mom’s face by experiencing husband’s care. In addition, there are many other signing ceremony and interesting activities as well. We have the exciting gift for the winners, you have a great opportunity to win. Let's get pregnant moms together!!
Event Details:
Activity Theme: Love Experience Challenge Camp
Event time: May 20 (Sunday) 14:00-17:00
Venue: Asia International Hotel ( 326 Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou)
Event target: 600 groups of pregnant mothers
Organizer: Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital

1. Unforgettable love challenge
 Participation tips: Free of cost
1. This event is a challenge/competetion for pregnant mom's husband to win more gifts. Please remember to come with your husband during activity. In case, if your husband is not available, and you are willing to participate as an audience is allowed.
2. In order to ensure the safety of pregnant mothers, children are not allowed.
3. Successful registration by a SMS or individual invitation are the signing up members.
Gift policy:
The first 600 participant will get beautiful signing package based on first come first serve policy.
More importantly, there are 9 major winning opportunities.
※ This event adopts the challenge-cum-pass challenge model. When participating in an interactive experience session, scores can be obtained based on the challenge scores. The cumulative score can be used to obtain a chance for a lucky draw. The higher the total score, the greater the number of draws.
Last Year’s Canton Tower Compassion Challenge Scenario, Love and Empathy Challenge for Dad

From honey love to the marriage hall,
How long does your husband say "I love you" to you?
"520" declares you love, come together to pass through, and express love with fantasy!

\ 4. Love · Sweet Peers - "520" competition, fingerboard challenge scenario

You may have played the "Angry Birds" game on the Internet.
But have you played in the real version?
It would be more fun and exciting under the challenge

Angry Birds Game Scene: Love and happiness Support competition

For babies and pregnant mothers, Her husband's shoulders are strong arms,supporting umbrella for peace of mind. At this arduous mission husband will give shoulder to his wife.

7. Love picture message area 
Photograph message area on the spot, share your story with her, express your love, leave exclusive memories with her! Take points and take pictures to get points.
8. love "inquiry" taste - motherhood big coffee consulting area 
Motherhood big coffee in person to help out, and pregnant mothers to share pregnancy during the "dry goods", you have any suspicion of suspicion can also be on-site consulting experts, were to participate in consultation and interaction can get the corresponding points. In addition to the above clearance games, There will be a lot of surprises at the event site!
10. Previous activity red envelope wall scene
So many games, playing tired and hungry thirsty how to do?
Are you fond of delicious tea break at the activity area, which allows you to maintain energy, hurry up!
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