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Elizabeth babies from the different part of the world

Date: May 30,2018   Read: 
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We are Elizabeth babies from all over the world. We Elizabeth babies are proud to born here. Even before our birth, we had privileged to cared by Elizabeth. We have different colors and speak different languages. It all happened at “Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital”. Because of it, wherever our parents came from, birth-giving and language were not problems anymore. 

The warmth of home sweet home feeling, the enjoyment of high-quality medical service, the deluxe environment, the professional treatment of experienced experts. For some reason, our paralleled lives were altered and crossed paths with each other. We all share the same name “Elizabeth Babies”. Elizabeth hospital is that who prepared and welcomed us into the world? Where was it that connected us at the very beginning of new life? Let’s roll out the whole story below




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