What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is well known as an excellent skin moisturizing component in the Aesthetic Medicine business. It is a transparent and adhesive colloid substance that exists in the vertebrate connective tissue and dermis. Hyaluronic acid can maintain skin elasticity and moisture; increase skin capacity that makes it look full and young. However, there’re merely 15g of hyaluronic acid in human body, and the amount will gradually decrease as aging, which causes the skin to become loose and dry, and to form wrinkles.

How much Hyaluronic acid do you have in your skin?

3 Major Efficacies of Hyaluronic Acid

Wrinkles Erasing

Infuse hyaluronic acid into the dents of dermis folds. The wrinkles can be rapidly erased. Moreover, hyaluronic acid can stimulate the reproduction of collagen which improves the skin elasticity and preserve skin moisture.Range: Various facial wrinkles, neck wrinkles

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Face Reshaping

Hyaluronic acid is widely used in facial orthopedics such as wrinkles erasing, nose reshaping, cheek implantation, chin implantation, lips implantation, etc. Even in breast implantation and hips implantation, etc. GZ Elizabeth Aesthetic Medicine Center can customize face reshaping plan according to different clients’ facial situation, so as to create your own tale of beauty.Range: nose reshaping, forehead implantation, chin implantation, temple acupoints implantation, nasolabial folds erasing, lips implantation, eyebrows implantation, earlobes’ implantation, etc.

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Skin Moisturizing

Hyaluronic acid is one of the best skin moisturizing components so far. 1 kg of Hyaluronic acid can preserve 500 units of water molecule, which is much stronger than that of glycerin. Maintaining your skin constantly fresh and young.Range: Skin dehydration situation, skin lacks of moisture, aged skin.

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6 Advantages of GZ Elizabeth Hyaluronic
Acid Aesthetic Medicine

1. High Efficiency Rapid and obvious effect

2. Minimal-invasive0.1mm injection; no surgical cut, no scar

3. Natural & SecureOperated by experienced experts No
body rejection;

4. No Recovery PeriodNo surgical wound, no recovery period is needed

5. No Age LimitAnyone any age can receive hyaluronic acid treatment

6. Multiple BenefitsMultiple aesthetic benefits such as wrinkles erasing,
skin moisturizing and face reshaping

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