Through preliminary check,if the pregnancy is in a good condition, it is safe to continue. In the first three months of pregnancy, folic acid, multivitamins, and sex prohibition are needed. If you find a risk of miscarriage in the preliminary check, please inquire a doctor for symptomatic treatment. In some case, stay in bed is a need. For the high-risk pregnant women, it is very important to do a comprehensive assessment.
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The 5th-9th week of pregnancy is best time for abortion.

First Day of Your Last Period:
day month year

Remarks:Pregnancy starts to count from your first day of
the last period

Drug Abortion Best Time 40-49days Pregnancy During this time, the fetus is not yet fully developed, it's the best time for drug abortion with lower risks.
Induced Abortion Best Time 40-55 Days Pregnancy The gestational sac is easy sucked out from the womb through catheter.
Hysteroscopy Surgery Best Time 40 Days to 12 Weeks Pregnancy In this conditions surgeon can remove the embroy tissue completely and accurately.
Inpatient Surgery >12 Weeks Pregnancy Inpatient surgery is needed for more than 12 weeks pregnancy.
Operation Method Drug Abortion Induced Abortion Ultrasound Abortion Hysteroscopy Abortion International Abortion Technique
Technique Medicine Surgical Catheter Abortion Under Ultrasound & Anesthesia Accurate Location Accurate Aspiration 4D Image Micro-catheter Protect Cervix
Amount of Bleeding Too Much Much Less Little A liittle Bit
Duration 4-6h 30mins 15mins 10mins 2mins
Symptoms Belly Pain Nausea Vomiting Strong Pain Little Pain Painless No Discomfort
Success Rate Very Low Better Than Drug Abortion 90% 95% 99%
Menstrual Cycle Regular Regular No Surgical Risk Factors Any Uterus Conditions Any Uterus Conditions
Health Conditions Good No Allergy History
Days of Pregnancy 40-49 Days 40-55 Days 40 Days to 8 Weeks 40 Days to 12 Weeks 40 Days to 12 Weeks
Pain Scale Paroxysmal Abdominal Pain Strong Pain Painless Painless Painless
Associated Symptoms The Pain Can Last 3-4 Days Along With Vomiting & Faint etc. Some Feel Little Pain After Surgery Dizziness A Bit Dizzy
Complication Second Time Surgery Infection Infertility Psychological Panic Uterus Injury Risk of Infection A Few Case of Missed Aspiration and Infection Less Injury for Uterus Fast Recovery Low Risk of Infecton No Injury for Uterus Fast Recovery No Risk of Infecton
  • Humanity Service Before Surgery
  • Safe Service During Surgery
  • Intimate Service After Surgery
  • Humanity Service Before Surgery

    1.All-female Workers
    2.Exact Diagnosis
    3.Detailed Description for Surgery Methods
    4.Detailed Description for Surgery Payment

  • Safe Service During Surgery

    1.Strict Sterilization
    2.Laminar Flow Operating Room
    3.Senior Anesthetist
    4.Experienced Surgeon
    5.Disposable Kits

  • Intimate Service After Surgery

    1. Individual Rest Room
    2. Brown Sugar Drinks
    3. Postsurgery Nutrimeal
    4. Heat Treatment For Uterus Recovery
    5. 24h Consulting Hot Line

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