Because of aging, obesity and multiple births, women experience the problem of aging in vaginal:
menstrual disorder, repeated inflammation, vaginal relaxation, sensitivity, poor lubrication, and even urinary incontinence . It not only affects women's own health, but also affects the relationship between husband and wife.

In Europe, the United States and other countries, the number of private maintenance groups has increased from hundreds of people in 2005 to nearly 10,000 a year now.

Elizabeth Women’s Hospital closely follows the pace of the times and introduces FEMILIFT, which uses non-surgical methods to protect the aging of private places, so that women can restore youth, beauty, more sexy and enhance the sexual feeling.

Will it hurt during the FEMILIFT treatment?>

Vaginal tightening

Principle of action:

CO2 laser exfoliation and thermal stimulation can make collagen fiber, elastic fiber, reticular fiber and organic matrix improved, so that the vaginal wall becomes thickened and tightened.

Due to collagen growth and remodeling require a certain period of time, so the best result are 3~6 months after the end of the treatment.

How many sessions of the treatment?>

Repair pelvic floor function

◆Vaginal fibrous tissue can be repaired and quickly restored to the normal anatomical position to avoid squeezing and pulling the urethra, so that the urethra can be back to normal.

◆The pelvic floor with abundant blood supply can repair the urethral sphincter, and then stop leaking urine or alleviate symptoms.

How long will the effect maintain after treatment?>

Labia rejuvenation, nipple and areola reconstruction

For women's pigmentation problem of the delicate private place, we have given some solutions and brought new self-confidence to the vast number of women, so that they could regain charm and passion of the girlhood.

Collagen hyperplasia remodeling, elasticity improving and vaginal beauty.

Principle of vaginal beauty
Accelerate metabolism, pigment fading
Collagen hyperplasia remodeling, elasticity improving, modification in labia majora

When to do it better? What should we pay attention to?>


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