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Diversified Services of Midwifery Clinic in Elizabeth Hospital

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Diversified Services of Midwifery Clinic in Elizabeth Hospital 
With the OB-GYN nursing model changing, the pregnant women’s physical & mental health attracts increasing attention. The midwife is the important medical staff who contacts lying-in women most frequently during the whole delivery period. It can build good partnership between the midwife and the delivery woman if she could contact the same face no matter during the whole pregnant period.
We Provide Mothers-to-be With Diversified And Personalized Support
Guangzhou Elizabeth Women Hospital integrates its own superior resource and establishes Midwifery Clinic officially. Elizabeth Women Hospital’s midwifery clinic provides mothers-to-be with diversified and personalized support, nurse and consults during the whole pregnant period. We also can help mothers-to-be to build up their confidence so that they’ll delivery smoothly. 
Brilliant Experts In Our Midwifery Clinic
All the experts in Elizabeth Midwifery Clinic had passed many examinations and have engaged in midwife work over 30 years. The Honorary title winner of "GZ outstanding nurse in 2011" Yang Meiying possesses rich experience in the field of Lamaze delivery, Doula delivery. The director of nursing dept. Yang Zhifang has abundant treatment and nursing experience on delivery complications. And American expert of midwifery Shanni Su is skilled in Water Birth.
What Services Do We Offer?
  • Antenatal Care;
  • Pregnancy Nutrition Consultant;
  • Pregnancy Health Care;
  • Artistic Antenatal Training;
  • Newborn Nursing;
  • Postpartum Rehabilitation;
  • Postpartum Psychological Guidance.
The clinic also will provide the pregnant woman personalized guidance against the specific conditions of each mother-to-be.

We provide not only offline medical service but also Internet inquiry.

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